Applying for university 2018 UCAS

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Applying for university 2018 UCAS

Applying for university can be a daunting but exciting time. There is just too much to do and there are too many major life choices to make. From choosing the university, deciding where to live and to applying for student finance. The stress can sometimes be too much. First, you will need to have a basic understanding of which course you would like to study. Go with what you are interested in and not with what your friends are studying.

Choosing the Right Course / University

Once you have a basic understanding, you will need to start looking for the right university. Each university will have its good and bad points. You will need to pick the university which is best suited for your chosen course. You can do this by looking on university websites and attending open days. Visiting a university open day can be an extremely helpful move in the right direction, speaking the lectures, students and looking at the course in more detail will be vital in making the right decision.

Registering with UCAS

Once you know which course you will be studying at which university, hopefully it will be time for UCAS to open its doors. As soon as you can you will need to register with UCAS and start filling in your personal details and you will need to give your choices. You can choose up to five different courses either at the same university or different ones.

Registering for Student Finance

Soon after this you will need to start thinking about applying for Student Finance. For those that are lucky enough, you can just go ahead and skip this section. Student Finance will need a lot of personal information about you and your parents. They will also need important documents. The information needed changes every year, to find out what documents they need look on the Student Finance website. Please take your time filling out the necessary forms, issues made here will take some times to fix later down the line. Make sure to send of your forms on time, otherwise you may not receive your money on time.

Finding Accommodation

At this point you should know where you are going to study and roughly how much money you are going to be receiving off Student Finance. The majority of students will move to their university and live on campus for the first year or they will live off campus in student housing. It is very important that you apply for this as soon as you can, if you have already attended university open days, you will have spoken about student housing with the accommodation team. For students that have not there is a lot of student accommodation out there, it is very big business. Hopefully finding and applying should not be too much of an issue. But again, this is definitely something you should sort out as soon as you can. Do not leave this to the last minute!

Leaving for UNI

This will be a very exciting time! All the paper work should have been sorted out at this point. If not, you will need to make some phone calls and get that sorted right away. Now it is time to make the move to university and start the enrollment process. On moving day there will be lots to do and a tonne to sort out. But now you are ready to start university life. Good luck!


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