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Stages after death stages of death

Stages After Death

Death isn’t something we wish to happen to us, death isn’t something we want to happen to us. However, dying is an inevitable part of life. Death is the final and conclusive chapter to life. Quickly following are the stages after death, these can be broken down into autolysis, the bloat, active decay and skeletonization.…
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What happens in one minute? 60 seconds is enough time...

What Happens In One Minute?

60 Seconds or Less What happens in one minute? As it turns out a lot can happen in 60 seconds. What happens in one minute. Within 1 minute your body can produce a staggering 120 to 180 red blood cells. Red blood cells are also called Erythrocytes. It is the most common type of bloody…
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Animals That Eat Their Babies. A large picture of a lion.

Animals That Eat Their Babies

Animals That Eat Their Babies Imagine eating your own children. Sounds a little cruel, doesn’t it? This is a strange phenomenon, but in nature it’s a harsh reality. To me it also sounds a little counterproductive as raising offspring drives life. However, this is far from the truth. Animals that eat their babies have been…
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