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The Real Trump | Behind The Cameras

You Don’t Know Trump

Donald J. Trump. The whole world knows his name, whether you support his politics or not. There is no arguing he is one of the world’s most controversial men right now. He is an American businessman, television personality and the 45th president of the United States. Donald Trump is known for his out there personality and his controversial statements.


Donald Trump was born 14th June 1946. He was born and raised in Queens, New York City. Trump was the fourth of five children born to Frederick Christ Trump and Mary Anne Trump. His siblings are Maryanne, Fred Jr, Elizabeth and Robert. Donald Trump has 5 children, Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron and he is now married to Melania.

Early Years

While Trump was growing up he attended the Kew Forest School from kindergarten through seventh grade, riding the subway every day. After this, a badly behaved 13-year-old (hyphen?) Trump was sent to the New York Military Academy. Sending Trump to boarding school didn’t do much good. He said ‘I was a wise guy, and they wanted to get me in line’ but now thinking back Trump said ‘it was a very positive influence’.

The Birth of The Trump Organization

After this, in August 1964 Trump enrolled at Fordham University. But then after two years, he transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. At the time, they offered one of the few real estate courses in the country. Trump felt this was a strong decision, given his family real estate business. While Trump was a student at university, he worked alongside his father building up the family business. The business focused on middle class(hyphen?) rental housing in New York City. During this time at university Trump and his father successfully revitalized the foreclosed Swifton Village apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the 1970s Trump was promoted to president of the company while his father become the chairman of the board. The family business was renamed to The Trump Organization. In 1978, Trump bagged himself his first major real estate deal in Manhattan. They bought a half share in the Commodore Hotel. This was largely funded by a $70 million construction loan, jointly guaranteed by Fred Trump and the Hyatt hotel chain.

Trump then went on to have various business adventures most successful and some failures. Most of you will know about the Trumps Tower in NY, his golf courses and his TV show. Donald Trump has either bought or run everything from modelling agencies to professional wrestling. Donald Trump even started his own university called Trump University LLC. This was a non-profit organisation that run real estate training programs, this eventually closed in 2010.

The Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in Manhattan the 16th June 2015. His speech drew attention to issues that hit home such as illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt and Islamic terrorism. These all remained a large part proportion of his campaign. Trumps campaign slogan was ‘Make America Great Again’. In his campaign, Trump claims the media had intentionally misinterpreted his words. He has also made other claims about the media being bias towards other candidates. Republican leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan were a bit hesitant to support Trump with his campaign at first. The Republican leaders questioned his chances of winning the election and went on to claim that Trump may tarnish the Republican Parties reputation.

The alt-right movement which surrounds Trumps candidacy due to Trumps views on immigration and multiculturalism is extremally controversial with its connections to Trumps campaign. During Trumps campaign he was under fire with allegations surrounding his tax payments and not disclosing financial documents. Towards the end the battle between Trump and Hilary it got personal with the accusations flying back and forth including Hilary’s health and her overall fitness to stand as president. Trump was all over the media being called a ‘pig’ with his overall lack of respect that he holds for women in general.

But, despite the close battle, controversy, the allegations and the doubt Trump went on to win the presidential election in November 2016.


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