Law Of Averages – How To Be Successful In Anything You Do

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Law Of Averages – How To Be Successful In Anything You Do

How To Be Successful In Anything You Do

Getting where you want in life seems impossible.

This concept it will bring you success in all areas of your life. The law of averages is a simple belief that a particular outcome or event is inevitable or certain only because it is statistically possible. In other words, if something is repeated with a certain frequency the outcome of a certain event will be inevitable. This means whatever you are having trouble with in your life, whether that be finding a partner, starting a business or learning to drive keep trying no matter what and you will get the desired outcome.

The narrator in the video clearly explains, the first job he had was door to door sales. It was commission based, it was very possible that he could work all week and not make any money. But, thankfully he had great training and they taught a concept which still sticks with him to this day. Everyday 80% of the people he would encounter would be hard-nosed customers which even the best of salesman would have trouble trying to break. Next, would be the indifferent customers, these would be on the fence, they are happy with their current setup but wished a few things were different. These customers were not too challenging to break, these made up about 10% of people. Finally, there were the easy customers that were straight out buyers. These made up a very small portion of consumers. Even the worst of salesman could make good commission. After a full day of bumping into hardnosed customers, his faith in the law of averages had almost gone completely. But, the last few doors in the building were easy customers just dying to buy.

Now, the law of averages states that the likely hood of a certain event will even out if the frequently is increased. This mean with whatever you are trying to accomplish in life you are almost certainly going to run into situations which even the most experienced people will have issues with. Keep going, the law of averages will even out and you will get your chance.


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